The Alaska Lottery conducts its drawings under rigid security procedures.

Drawing Security


  • Randomly selecting the ball sets and the draw machines to be used that evening.
  • Testing the equipment, conducting pretest drawings and rehearsing the draw with the television crew and the draw show host.
  • Ensuring that each individual ball is returned into the correct ball set container.
  • Sealing each ball set and recording the number, to be verified when that set is randomly selected in the future.
  • Maintaining all draw equipment within a secure room with access limited to only the draw officials.

Drawing Documentation

Lottery draw officials document their work for each draw on a drawing master control form. That form details:

  • officials and staff present
  • equipment used
  • pre-test numbers drawn
  • official numbers drawn
  • post-test numbers drawn
  • time that all bets for the drawing were closed

The specific procedures are available for review upon request. Want to be a draw spectator? If you wish to view a draw in person, just send us an email and tell us when you'd like to watch a draw.